Feel the pain. Accept you are in pain. Accept you are doing your best and it is not enough. Accept that everything you have done to find fulfilment,  was not enough. You can cry, you can run  away from yourself but nothing will change. I got stocked when I sow persons just hoping to get my beautiful flat and now a new couple …

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How to be always yourself. You know exactly what you are, where are  you going, what do you want and what do you want to say but the problem is: …

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white sun - water color on paper A4 - Not available

What is going to happen when do you think everything is going to change? I try to imagine my self in a different way. Same clothes but different thoughts. What …

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black heart - pen on paper

I would like  to walk, smell good flowers, watch the blue sky and find birds flying and enjoying the life, birds looking for the next tree where to sing a …

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