Love as much as you can

Snow, more snow but steps to take and life to live.

Life is not asking for permissions. Life is not gentle, life takes what wants and gives it what wants when it wants.

Of course we are not behind all what is happening but the huge multitude of events cannot be controlled. I guess, I would say, please just accept it and handle it as best as you can (maybe with tough dresses cold will not arrive to the bones..).

Life is usually far away to be easy , there are periods when it is difficult to consider it good.

But it is like: love it or leave it (but there is always time to come back on the road and give it a new try,..see me dancing modern classes, believe me, you would laugh a lot seeing me dancing ūüėÄ ). Reality will not change. Maybe you could think that alteration of reality with drugs and alcool ¬†will help you but it is a short term solution and as usual it will generate only new bugs ūüėČ

So let me say, it is a long term plan to think reality can be accepted and handled in our favour.

How to do it? Personally I believe in Love. Love to be yourself, Love the differences, Love  human that can or could give not disappointments in relationships.

What does it mean “Love as much as you can” ? ¬†Basically in our society Love is most of the time defined like:

  • Pain
  • Destruction of yourself
  • Lose of control of your own life
  • Does not exists


Why should I love  and especially, who???

Who is lost in a boooh! not existing life? Who is not loving the own life? Who is living a life in a sofa watching tv? Who does not know what he/she wants? Who cannot handle his own life? …etc…

I do not know.  But looks like life is much more complicate of what is in real. I mean, it is easy to think to love who is:

  • self confident
  • stable
  • happy
  • healthy
  • open minded
  • not against real, intelligent, elegant, cool women

so without to consider beauties that anyway will go away with the increasing of the age, how many persons you know with pro above described?

Difficult, very very difficult. At least for me.

Personally as I learned, ¬†let ‘s first concentrate to settle down the own life, let’s be strong. Then it will be much more easy to discover who can be loved and with who share life (or at least a part of it).

It is not possible to learn how to resolve differential equation if you are not able to resolve esponential functions / composed functions… let’ s do all step by step. I guess in the real life step by step means to arrive to be adult and to be able to solve more complex situations due the previous handling of passed experience. Get focused. Never Give up. Love yourself and you will be able to love(again).

I love my life



Life is the sum of all your single choice
Come ti chiami?

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