In Vino veritas

Since the beginning Lilith knew all what was going to happen but she ignored it.

This is a story like others this is not a love story this is a story of a women survived in a desert.

Lilith got lost in a desert in a unknown place where desert was not supposed to be.

Drink real water was a memory old 5 days but memories kept her alive.

Where I can find water? Why I am in this desert? How I am arrived here?

Memories and some grass plants gave her the possibility to survive during last 5 days.

Lilith knew to be lost, she knew to been risking her life but she knew about a possibility to find again her road and she continued to walk and she continue to believe.

Usually motivation and dreams can save the life even when the hope is the only left resource.

She continued to walk.

Likely she was a dreamy intelligent women full of energy, tenacious.

But even so her body started to die on the 3th day without water; Lilith did not really recognise what was happening.

One night, the night that could it be her last night she sow 5 torches not very close to her but in a distance Lilith was able to handle. She started to walk in that direction and she found a little paradise in the desert. Persian carpets over the sand and people dancing around the fire asking to the moon to  save them from the desert. In that moment she was partially covered by the old black and white dress got almost destroyed by this adventure. Lilith did not really feel comfortable to show up like that but she give it a try because she knew was her last chance.

People around the fire were young and they looked open to take her with them. So she stayed and she started to drink water again.

People become their reason to stop to travel and to get stuck in the desert.

The youngers knew how to live  in a desert and how to enjoy it as much as possible.

Lilith did not forget were she was but she give herself time to recover and to get in touch with them.

She found a kind of new family where to be herself, she found new reasons to smile, new reasons to be happy and every day new reasons to stay.

Memories of childhood came back, the time when her dreams were the most important thinks to catch.

Surprisedly the body started quickly to recover from the difficult period, energies came back as well as forces, skin got every day better especially because during the day she was covered from the sun by a beautiful decorated Japanese umbrella made it by paper but strong as leder.

After 3 months going around in the desert she recognised the Youngers were running in a circle, intentionally. They knew the best plays where to stay but they were walking in a circle.

For Lilith circle shape had always a deep meaning.

Who is running in a circle? Who get lost in a fixed thinking? When is happening is that true you cannot brake the circle? Why you are running in a circle?

Change your dress and propose a new unexpected picture of yourself then you will know your life is made by a line and not by a circle.

She kept on been happy of this new life but that point was the breaking point and so she collected all info how to get out from the desert.

The Youngers knows exactly how to do it, the street to take, the road to fallow.

After 6 months one evening she stayed for the dinner but after, she thank for all what they give to her, she sayid goodbye and she started to walk alone. Let me say again.

It was not easy to let them go, she knew what she was going to risk, she cried for the loss, she felt the pain but when your imagination can visualise a new possibility why do not take the challenge?

The Youngers let her the Japanese umbrella and a map where to go. They helped her again. Their heart is big , they are talented, they are intelligent, they choose to be were they are maybe because their braveness was not enough to accept the challenge to looking for a new better life or maybe they did not have in their mind a vision of a better life.

When Lilith started to walk away the Youngers did not stop to celebrate the upcoming evening, they continued like she was never there, like the last 6 months spent together did not exists.

Lilith during the 6 months spent together did not try to change them, she did not judge their behaviour. She show them herself but without to say what it is better to do.

Facts can be more effective of words.

Facts make real what could be in the imagination.

When you make a move be sure it comes from inside you. When you make a move is good to calculate it but feel it. Feel it and let it breath. If there is not air in your move do not hesitate to stop. Sometime is better to wait and make the right move instead to jump in the null.

I love my life.



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