Gianf in NY

When I was between 15 and 16 years old, I made a wish list: become an engineer, have a dishwasher, a good job, friends that loves me, to love, to travel around the world and paint without having to think about money.

Since then I have believed in that list.

This week I went to see a Kakkmaddafakka concert, and the singer Axel Vindenes said something I completely agree with, something that is difficult to hear in our times..”Do not embrace disappointing relationships.”

So what is the link between a wish list, disappointments and NY?

When you trust yourself, when you are sure of what you want and you work to get it, at some point the time arrives when your wish becomes real.

And it happened. Like when I went to Paris for the first time. In my wish list I only wanted to go there with someone I loved, and I did it but I did not know I was in love at that time.

Colours are my life like not disappointing relationships are my legs.

13th June, Exhibition in New One World Trade Center . I will be there with my colours and not only. I will think about you, people I loved, friends I continue to love and who makes me feel free to be myself.

I love my life.

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Un oceano blu
eShape with Art Market - Tamora Gallery , Canggu Bali 15th September 2019

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