Full Moon

I like to tell you a story,

when I was young, 1980 in Italy, before selfies were in our life,  before “Matrix” was shown, before our society started to think we are more safe closed at home, before WhatsApp, before fb, before all that..life was different.

Mainstream culture was easy explained and was clear what to do, what not to do, where to go and where not to go, seems to be too simple written like that but actually for me it was easy to image what would life be. The life as a product was well described and produced by human being.

I grow up in a conservative normal family that loved me so much and still loves me. And gave me the best. I was beautyful, intelligent and equipped with all cards to be ready to play the game called “life”.

Sadly the fake dream was going to finish and new life concept started to enter in the veins and going into the brain changing what was the common sense, the common way to live.

People started very often to break marriage,  even after kids; people started more often to choose uncommon life; people  wants to be married with people of same sex; more people choose to do not get married; normal women started to fight not only in the streets but also at work promoting new culture. People started to break the rules.

In the beginning  the feeling around was strange because the point is not that people stopped to believe in love or stopped to believe in family or in the importance of relationships, no.

Something more complicated started to move people to choose different life.

In 1999 when I was already having a mobile phone with me,  (still same Italian number since 1994), the movie Matrix was released.

At that time I was in my personal teenager revolution period and Matrix was my life.

Zion city was for me the place where I was going to find myself between Piazza San Cosimato and University, the “sentinel” were all the trouble I was having, “the oracle” was my best friend Clara, the old lady that was always with me since I was a kid, telling me strange stories I have never heard before and giving me so much self confidence that I was too courius and not able to stop to looking for the unknown.

Morpheus was “the theory” I discovered in Piazza San Cosimato, “Trinity” was my love of the moment and I was “Neo”, learning, how to stop the bullets without to escape from “Agent Smith”, how to sleep few hours and how to run between love, university, San Cosimato and myself.

Agent Smith I guess was this insanity in the air and this old culture trying to let me feel guilty for this voluntary research to be myself.

Let me say, what changed apart the technology and the huge amount of information we need to digest was to start to focus in yourself. At that time in Italy you were able to download and watch almost everything you have in your mind for free..

It was like to see everywhere the same advertisement: “Find yourself, where ever you want, but do it, now!” .. think about the fashion, before the new century there was only one way to be correctly dressed. Now,..look around, all styles are the right styles…before it was not like that, maybe because we were even not able to have the same dresses all around Europe in the same moment, like now..

Anyway a lot of people did it. All people able to read advertising started to think: and now what I do?

Advertising where around also before but in the middle of 1990 we were ready to read them, we were ready to use the technology, we were ready to be introduced into this new overloaded society.

Caos started. Life changed. People got lost and people found Zion.

I still love the feeling of internet revolution difficult to explain and full of contradictions.

Tonight I´m nostalgic and it reminds me when one night like today the full moon appear for the first time after long time (*). I was with my sister, we both were astonished about the power of the moon over our heads. The energy was coming through our life. There are moments difficult to explain but they remains inside you like a photo in a beautiful frame standing over a commode ready to be watch when you want.

I will not say, what always has been said: it was better before. No, we are actually living in a deep cultural change and in a very important moment for this society. I think, this society is more cruel then before, it is more violent, it is more confused and more dangerous, it is more painful, it is more complicated and it asks for more then before.. but now we have the chance to be who we are.

Before women,  were lucky if they were able to live a normal life.

Today women, live the life they choose.

Choose what you do and choose what makes you happy. Life is not coming back. Life is not asking your permission when is giving you a possibility to realise yourself,  chance just appear like shits happens. Are you ready to catch your chance?

I love my life.


(*) I say “her” because in Italian language the Moon is a female word instead in German language the Moon is a male word. I could start to boring you with old stories but this is another story.

do not lose sight about where you are from
In Vino veritas

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