do not lose sight about where you are from

“I want to be your friend” but the answer is “Sorry, we can not be friends. Ofter people meet, stays connected for a period and then they lost the connection, it is normal and it is not bad, it is the life”..

Yesterday a guy told me: “It is not complicate to have a friendship, it requires some little attentions, you do not need to be always in touch, you do not need to meet often your friends”.

Then why we all have many people around and not so many best friends?

I believe every friend has something special, there is a friend special for: shopping, walking, crying, talking, listening, dancing, see concerts, watching movies, make a travel, lough all the time..

Find a friend perfect for all is complicated, might be this is the reason to have more then one friend.

Being single at my age makes me in front the reality: (1) before 5.5 months ago world  watched me with a different eyes because I was in a relationship, a serious relationship (*)  (2) single guys are looking to young girls (3) I´m happy to have a job (4) I love my friends (5) what do I do this summer?

I always spent a big part of my energy, time, etc with friends and for friendship.

Even so, I did  many mistakes, I lost friends  and I found many new Friends, new Families.

You can not make an omelet without breaking some eggs.

Share love is a very important experience, it is for free, it is amazing, it is painful and cannot be controlled. Thoughts and feelings can be disconnected and not controlled by this commercialized bigot old society.

A friend is able to understand that you are doing your best, a real friend is able to love you even if you are in a bad period of your life, a real friend is not getting lost if you disappear because you are who is lost somewhere. Instead a friend would go looking for you.. or a friend would wait for you, a real friend loves you even if you are wrong, even if you are doing mistakes, even if you are taking clear wrong decisions.

A  true friend stays with you. No matter what. There are rare cases when close the door and do not watch back would make sense, but I believe it is rare.

Talking with a friend she recently told me: “Eleonora most important point to be friends is: Loyalty, fairness, honesty”.  When loyalty is gone, friendship is gone but I would like also to add: Accept the difference. Do not judge, let the person the chance to fallow her/his road, let the person the possibility to change.

Yesterday my friend she told me: “Yes Eleonora but there are limits, if a person is completely destroying his/her life or embracing the dark side of this world then I cannot accept anymore”.. this is reasonable.

Point is: how much I believe to have the truth in my life? Am I able to accept and  to love someone different? or do I need to change him/her in what I believe is correct?

I guess this is one of the major important points to consider in a friendship and not only..

Talking about friendship I am realizing everyone has a different way to recognize when someone is going to be your friend.

I keep on asking myself if I can be a good friend or not, if I am good or wrong friend, if my behavior can compromise possibility to have friends and I guess the answer is inside my life, it is clearly showed by my everlasting friends being with me, today answer is “be yourself and the world will believe in you”.

Might be expectations will lead in disappointment. Let´s  stop to judge each other and accept who you we are.

So I like to say: “let´s take the best and let the worst to who wants to live with it”.

Goodluck in this Jungle.

I love my life


(*) there are a lot of different kind of relationships, I could try to classify but I hate to be classified, I do not have the truth and I recently realized I´m quickly changing so what I write of myself could it be already obsolete.. so let´s say I try to simplify and write about this amazing complicate world of LOVE. Love relationships could be: serious, not serious, open, completely closed, with sometimes more then 2 people or you can think to be in a relationship but in reality you are not in a relationship and you are wasting your time and your precious unique amazing best part with someone just afraid of love or with the wrong person.

see (500)days of summer movie.

Take care. (*)

Eppur mi son scordata di te
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