Come ti chiami?

The wind brought cold air saying its not possible anymore to escape from coming winter.

Good news, I do not want escape.

I want live this new season. I want to be here.

The present is most amazing time to live and it can happens , in a point, to start to enjoy it..every single moment. Even watching outside window became magic and full of meaning.

Being around in this first half year made me love, even more, to be home,  with my friends. People that loves you and care about you and you love them as well.

There are stories I could tell and life to describe but want I want to share today is the completeness feeling of feel love in every single breath of my life.

Love change all what you touch and watch. Love is inside your eyes and makes the difference in the life.

I learned that who cannot say something nice is because needs to say something bad to his/her self.

I learned time is running to teach me that I can love and disappointments will make me stronger.

There is always a way to get separated by what generate pain in the life and the secret is to believe in what you feel and only after think (not vice versa..)

I love my life


Love as much as you can
Gesichter einer Geschichte 01.12.2018

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