A Sunny Day

Yesterday weather was difficult to ignore.

Hamburg is a beautiful city but when the sun is here it looks amazing.

What make this city amazing is the capacity to be so little and so full of life.

So let´s have fun!

Free yourself to be happy at least because of this beautiful day.

Fagioli said one time: a good reason to have a good day is to see the blue sky and the sun.

Simple ? too simple? But in case it is complicated would it be so good?

Compare the sunny day to when it is a raining day: when it is raining you need an umbrella, boots, to take care to do not get too much dirty, plan a bit more your movement, maybe use the car etc.. When it is sunny, forget all that stuff , enjoy yourself and instead to remember the umbrella you need to remember how to lose yourself under the sun and how to feel the life growing inside you.

Sure raining days have different emotions but this life is too short to live under the rain.

One point is, if life is short and if to have a complicate life is not giving me additional energy, strengths, brightness,  force,.. why should I choose for the rain when I could have the sunshine most of the days?

To be sure I´m explaining myself correctly: of course if you have a target to reach e.g  finish university, get a promotion, write the book of your life..sunny days are often seen after a long series of temporals or after a lot of days without to know what is the weather outside..but this another story and I am not writing about work identity or how to realize yourself.

If you have a target to reach and  if you already know: ” tough time is coming for long time” why should I decide for raining days also in my private life?

Does it make sense?

Of course private life can be complicated (sometimes) but it shall be beautiful, full of sunny days, like to be in vacation every day of the year and most of the time simple, extremely simple.

Private life shall be full of enjoyness, good family, good friends,  fun, good food, beautiful place to watch…and Love. When you get to know someone to love then all change. But when you get to know someone to love that makes all complicated is that going to  be the right person to love?

Make it easy. Have fun. Respect yourself and enjoy the life.

Life is short.

I love my life


Es tut mir so leid
Eppur mi son scordata di te

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