Emotional Shape

How does your imagination looks like?

Emotional shape is a new media art project by Eleonora Gianfermi.
Visitors are asked to recall memories from the past through a screen while interacting with the so-called Galvanic Skin Sensor (GSR). The GSR is used to transmit their emotional state to a Raspberry Pi.

A mapping of colors and drawings to emotions and feelings is used by the algorithm eShape inside the Raspberry Pi to generate the final composition of shapes and create a very personal piece of art. In so doing participants become part of a live performance where their own collection of emotions is composed.

Have you ever thought how not conscious images are generated in the brain? How do emotions look like?
Life is a collection of experiences saved in our brain through memories. Memories are generated through the five senses experienced in every single moment of our life. The sixth sense elaborates memories in not conscious images.

Unconscious images appear at night time in our dreams and in art they are captured and reproduced in pictures, poems, songs, paintings, etc. For example, the memory of a beautiful lady walking to his lover can be captured by the notes of a song or by the words of a poem.

eShape transform people memories and emotions into digital art. Eleonora G. drawings , colours and visitors emotions are combined in a unique personal form of pictures. After the performance is completed visitors can print directly their emotions through the printer connected into the Raspberry Pi.

eShape is the new media art part of the project “The Birth” 2019 by Eleonora Gianfermi.

eShape together with There Birth was shown in Rome, London, New York, Bali and Hamburg in 2019.

2020.12 – RechtsLink Gallery – Hamburg – “The Birth” , solo exhibition

2020.09 – Haze Gallery – Berlin – “eShape and the Birth” with collective exhibition art&Science

2019.12 – The Tabernacle Gallery – London Bricklane –  “eShape and the Birth”, collective exhibition

2019.12 – Azaro Art Space Gallery – Hamburg –  “Multidimensionality” with “eShape and The Birth”, collective exhibition

2019.09 –  Tamora Gallery – Canggu Bali, Indonesia – Art market – “eShape” , collective exhibition 

2019.07 – Flyer Art Gallery – Rome, Italy – “International exhibition” with “eShape and The Birth” collective exhibition

2019.06 – One World Trade Center – New York, US – Chashama with “eShape” Gala Art, collective exhibition

The Birth and emotional Shape exhibition - 06th December 2019 - Azaro Art Spaces Hamburg

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