A Changing Face, Un´altra idea di volto ( 2021 – 2022)

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A new idea of a face, Eine neue Idee eines Gesichts, Un´altra idea di volto

Link to the website:  http://www.achangingface.org

Website has the project translated in all 3 languages: Italian, English and German.

Here the English version.

The two of us met while pursuing our own individual research. We talked at first, but soon switched to writing, reflecting, drawing and imagining. The words we imagined gave voice to our shared thought about human relationships – that a new way of interacting in a romantic relationship is possible. And thus, this project was born: a manifesto of images and sounds—inspired by Massimo Fagioli’s theory of birth—that talks about how we feel love. 2022 marks the fiftieth anniversary of the publication of „Instinct of death and knowledge“ (L’Asino d’oro edizioni, Rome 2017), the first of four books outlining his theory. In this work, the concept of “disappearance fantasy” acts as a pillar, an essential scientific discovery about human birth.

The idea is that a face initially appears as a painting. The arched eyebrows carry an idea, a phrase thought up by us: “The discovery of freedom through a warm and true human bond” – This conjures the idea of a relationship that is both idealized and realistic at the same time. The eyes, the nose, the senses, end up merging at the mouth, which speaks through the arpeggios of four chords, imagining the sound. The return of the number four – four phrases, four chords – comes from knowing that the first book of Massimo Fagioli’s theory has been translated into four languages and that this theory is based on four languages. The new fifth published edition (2022), in a language for visually impaired people, gave us the impulse to also make our exhibit into a tactile experience, and to give access to Braille readers to this website, where they can read the descriptions and hear the music.

We tried to put images together with sound, music and voices to explore a new way of loving, which goes beyond the different human languages. Trying to love through all the senses, which speaks to our unconsciousness. A picture extends, and the perception of it flows into a digital sphere: the image becomes a poster, and a QR code facilitates access to a web page. On this page, the words by Massimo Fagioli, through the voices of many women and men, and the musical accompaniment, which takes up the harmonies seen on the mouth-staff. A sentence: “Your face is my inner image” (Bambino, donna e trasformazione dell’uomo, p. 42, L’Asino d’oro edizioni, Rome 2007). In the virtual space, the possibility of reading and thinking, in the physical space, the one of creating and remaking your own image: the presentation of this work will be accompanied by a performance, in which everyone will be invited to draw the outline of his face on a mirror. A reflection about the inner image, to discover one’s own reality in relation to the Other.


Exhibition: 8th to 10th April 2022 at the “Orbit Galerie“, Stresemannstraße 144, Hamburg

Big thanks to Giulia Dalicco for this collaboration and to all people that made it real, see the credits: http://www.achangingface.org/contact/




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